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OCGC Closes Its 25th Investment

March 5, 2012

The Ontario Capital Growth Corporation (OCGC) is pleased to advise that it has closed its 25th investment under the Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund (OETF).

Legitmix Inc.

OCGC has closed a co-investment in Legitmix Inc. (“Legitmix”), alongside an Angel Syndicate. Founded in 2010, Legitmix operates a proprietary online service that enables the legal distribution and sale of audio or video mixes, created using copyrighted music. Based in Ottawa,Ontario, the Legitmix platform allows musicians to legally sample and sell music from other sources without going through the sample-clearing process. Using Legitmix’s patent pending software, an artist can create an instruction set to reproduce their mix using the copyrighted music it contains. The Legitmix process ensures that a consumer can only reproduce an artist’s mix if they possess the necessary copyrighted music.

To learn more about Legitmix Inc., visit