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About OCGC

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The Ontario Capital Growth Corporation is the venture capital agency of the Government of Ontario. OCGC was created to promote and develop the venture capital sector in Ontario, so that more innovative, high potential funds and companies have access to the capital needed to grow and prosper. The principal business of the OCGC is to manage the venture capital investment portfolio on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

$378 Million
OCGC Investment
$1.4 Billion
Partner Investment

Investment Impact

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Careers Created & Retained
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$10 Billion

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$2.4 Billion

R & D Expenditures

OCGC was established as an agency of the Crown on February 1, 2009 by the Ontario Capital Growth Corporation Act, 2008 (the Act). In accordance with the Act, OCGC:

  • Makes investments in venture capital funds and technology companies;
  • Administers its limited partnership interests in externally-managed funds;
  • Provides advice to the Province on venture capital matters; and
  • Supports the development of Ontario's venture capital ecosystem and the implementation of the Province's venture capital policies.