Portfolio Companies

Affinium LogoEstablished in 2000, Affinium is a specialty pharmaceutical company with offices in Toronto and Austin. Affinium is developing a novel class of antibiotics that target the bacterial fatty acid synthesis (FASII) pathway and has built an international patent portfolio of more than 1,700 compounds, targets and assays in this new therapeutic class. The company’s lead clinical candidate, AFN-1252, is a small molecule antibiotic for both oral and IV treatment of staphylococcal infections, which has shown promising results in phase 1 clinical trials.

Avvasi LogoBased in Waterloo, Ontario, Avvasi is an early stage venture-backed company developing solutions that enable mobile network providers to measure, improve and monetize mobile video. For more information, please visit www.avvasi.com

B5Media Logob5media is a Canadian-based global media company founded in 2005 that utilizes a highly scalable proprietary platform to facilitate content contribution, enhance user experience and effectively monetize traffic to its current and future sites. B5’s current roster of blogs includes Crushable.com, connecting pop-culture-savvy teens and young women; TheGloss.com, targeting sophisticated women in their 20s and 30s; and Blisstree.com, dedicated to providing wellness and life balance information for women in their 30s and 40s.

Bering Media LogoBering Media is a location-based advertising company focused on bringing hyper local targeting to any website. Through a unique privacy architecture, Bering Media's technology allows media companies and advertising agencies to accurately reach the most relevant and responsive demographics online. For more information, please visit www.beringmedia.com

Covarity LogoBased in Kitchener, Ontario, Covarity has developed software for commercial loan portfolio management. Covarity automates the process of collecting and analyzing borrower’s financial data and enables financial institutions to manage credit risk on a loan-by-loan basis. Covarity’s hosted, web-based commercial loan monitoring delivers process efficiencies, value-added customer service and helps prepare financial institutions for regulatory scrutiny with minimal capital outlay. For more information, please visit www.covarity.com

ecobee LogoFounded in 2007, ecobee delivers intelligent conservation solutions for the North American HVAC and Utility markets. Based in Toronto, the company is building its product platform around The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™. ecobee helps its customers conserve energy, save money and reduce their environmental impact. Their green automation platform combines elements of energy conservation, green technology, the networked home and consumer electronics. Their products automate energy conservation, making it easier to save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort. ecobee’s products are being sold for use in single family homes (both new and retrofitted), multi-family dwellings and light commercial properties. In its short life, ecobee has already received several prestigious national awards and honors. For more information, please visit www.ecobee.com

Energate LogoEnergate is a provider of home energy management solutions including software, wireless communications, gateways, smart thermostats, switches and consumer energy displays. Once such solution is the Consumer Connected Demand Response solution, which allows utility companies to immediately address residential energy demand and allows consumers to effectively manage their energy use. Energate products connect to the Smart Grid to deal with supply and demand challenges, the increased use of renewables and dynamic rate structures. Founded in 2004, Energate is headquartered in Ottawa with offices in North Carolina, Toronto and California. For more information, please visit www.energateinc.com

evandtec Logoevandtec provides a water management solution for increasing energy and water efficiencies while reducing environmental impact. The company, which operates across North America, enables commercial, institutional and industrial customers to decrease energy and water costs through a clean, comprehensive water treatment system. The evandtec solution includes a patented water treatment system and remote system monitoring capabilities, all supported by a service program.

FileTrek LogoFileTrek Software is a privately-held company founded in 2001. The company is a provider of tracking solutions for complete IT visibility of sharing, syncing and versioning activities on the desktop and in the cloud. FileTrek’s OverFlow is an application that empowers IT professionals and offers efficiencies to companies of all sizes.

Hy-Power Nano LogoHy-Power Nano, located in Brampton, Ontario, is a nano technology research company that develops proprietary nano-based insulating coatings. When applied to windows, walls, ceilings and roofs these coatings have infra-red blocking properties that keep heat outside in summer and inside during winter. The resulting benefits are all season comfort, reduced utility bills and a positive impact on the environment. For more information please visit www.hy-powernano.com

Igloo LogoIgloo Inc. (“Igloo”) is a Canadian-based company headquartered in Kitchener,Ontario, that develops, markets, and sells enterprise software in the cloud. Igloo is an on-demand social networking/collaboration platform which allows corporate customers to easily build and deploy social networking communities to help organizations improve business processes, increase employee productivity and enhance stakeholder engagement inside and outside the organization.  For more information, please visit www.igloosoftware.com

Interactive Sports Technologies LogoInteractive Sports Technologies Inc. (“IST”), based in Vaughan, Ontario, developed a patented, proprietary, 3D modeling and computer vision technology used in golf simulators for both the residential and the commercial/retail markets. IST’s patented 3D, automated digital modeling technology provides a video golf swing analysis system.  For more information, please visit www.hdgolf.com

iStopOver LogoiStopOver is an online peer-to-peer travel marketplace for short-term direct rental of excess capacity in homes, apartments and traditional vacation rentals enabling the direct rental of space. iStopOver allows travellers to find accommodation in someone’s home as an alternative to paying hotel rates while providing them with the opportunity to “live like a local”. Built on a flexible ROR platform, all communication takes place between the host and the guest online, and the web site features integrated mapping technology, a secure online payment system, user profiles and reviews section. For more information, please visit www.istopover.com

Legitmix LogoFounded in 2010, Legitmix Inc. (“Legitmix”) operates a proprietary online service that enables the legal distribution and sale of audio or video mixes, created using copyrighted music. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the Legitmix platform allows musicians to legally sample and sell music from other sources without going through the sample-clearing process. Using Legitmix’s patent pending software, an artist can create an instruction set to reproduce their mix using the copyrighted music it contains. The Legitmix process ensures that a consumer can only reproduce an artist’s mix if they possess the necessary copyrighted music. For more information, please visit www.legitmix.com

Morega LogoMorega is a software and consumer products company with advanced media portability solutions for the digital home. Morega is developing solutions that will allow users to view their content their way, anywhere, any time. Morega is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with a US office in Austin, Texas. For more information please visit www.morega.com

Natrix LogoNatrix Separations is a privately held company with a portfolio of products providing innovative solutions for the separation and purification of biologically active compounds to the biopharma, vaccine, animal health, life science, nutraceutical, and food and beverage, markets. Natrix’s patented technology combines the high binding capacity, selectivity and specificity typical of resin-based chromatography with the high throughput and ease of use of traditional membrane products and is available in ion exchange and affinity formulations. For more information, please visit www.natrixseparations.com

Neuraxon LogoNeurAxon discovers and develops next generation pain therapeutics focused on the inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS), an enzyme involved in modulating pain and central nervous system neuronal sensitization. NeurAxon has created an internally generated pipeline of five novel mechanism NCE product candidates focused on different unmet medical needs. NXN-188, the lead product candidate, is being developed for the treatment of acute migraine.  For more information please visit www.neuraxon.com

Peraso LogoPeraso is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Toronto and specializing in the development of single-chip mmwave transceivers. Peraso’s products focus on a variety of mmwave applications; initial product offerings target the mobile consumer electronics market and are compatible with 60 GHz standards for ultra high speed wireless communications. The transceivers are characterized by high performance, a small footprint and low power consumption. For more information, please visit www.perasotech.com

Shoplogix LogoFounded in 2002 and headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Shoplogix develops real-time performance management solutions designed to enable manufacturers to rapidly reach their full operating potential. Their patented Plantnode solution combines the power of software analytics with the strength and stability of embedded technology. Shoplogix’s solutions form the foundation for continuous improvement by providing manufacturers with the tools to remove operational inefficiencies to help drive growth and profitability. For more information, please visit www.shoplogix.com

Sidense LogoSidense Corporation, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, provides one-time programmable (OTP) memory IP for use in standard-logic CMOS processes with no additional masks or process steps required. Sidense’s one-transistor 1T-Fuse™ architecture provides a field-programmable alternative solution to Flash, mask ROM and eFuse in many OTP and MTP applications. Sidense licenses its technology to semiconductor foundries and selected IDMs. Customers use Sidense OTP for analog trimming, code storage, encryption keys such as HDCP, WHDI, RFID and Chip ID, medical, automotive, and configurable processors and logic. To learn more about Sidense, visit www.sidense.com

SEI logoSmart Energy Instruments Inc. (“SEI”) is an Oakville-based company that is building connected Ubiquitous Monitoring Equipment for the Smart Grid. SEI designs chipsets, algorithms, operating system and base software that provide intelligent real time data to monitor and stabilize the transmission and distribution of electricity. For more information, please visit www.se-instruments.com

StickerYou Logo OCGC has closed a co-investment in StickerYou Inc. (“StickerYou”), alongside an Angel Investor. Founded in 2008, StickerYou is a software development company that creates innovative ways to deliver high-quality customized vinyl stickers and decals to individuals and organizations using freeform die-cut sticker printing. Based inToronto, StickerYou’s technology integrates the internet graphic user interface with the printing process. The easy-to-use technology and leading edge platform provide unlimited opportunities for customers to design their own stickers online affordably and at low volumes. For small and large companies, StickerYou is a powerful and cost-effective way to build their brands and engage with consumers.  For more information, please visit www.stickeryou.com

TELoIP LogoTELoIP is a Toronto-based technology firm serving the North American communications market. TELoIP creates and sells network convergence solutions based on a technology that enables voice, data and video to work simultaneously over the same infrastructure. Their patent-pending Ana™ system aggregates and accelerates any connection, from any carrier - combining the speeds of each connection and providing customers with reliability for their critical applications. For more info, please visit www.teloip.com

Verold LogoVerold develops software tools and processes that significantly reduce the time required to create ready-to-animate 3D content for media consumption, such as games and web content, augmented and virtual reality (AR/ VR) world, and film. This is achieved by automating, or partially automating many of the labour-intensive processes involved in producing 3D content. For more information, please visit www.verold.com

Vive Crop LogoFounded in 2006 and based in Toronto, Vive develops new formulations for the crop protection industry. Vive’s main focus is the formulation of crop protection active ingredients using ultra-small, water dispersible polymer particles, which enhance product performance and add convenience. These formulations give food growers the ability to increase crop yields safely while reducing the use of harmful chemical additives that are common in pesticides. For more information, please visit www.vivecrop.com

Woodland Biofuels LogoWoodland Biofuels is a Mississauga, Ontario-based company that develops sustainable, renewable, clean fuel. Woodland’s technology eliminates the use of food to make ethanol by converting any kind of biomass (wood waste, crop waste, etc.) into ethanol or other high value products. For more information, please visit www.woodlandbiofuels.com

Xagenic LogoXagenic Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company located in Toronto, Canada. The company is developing a fully automated technology platform that will enable widespread decentralized diagnostic testing to be performed outside of clinical laboratories. Tests are under development that will allow the detection of a variety of analytes in situations where rapid test turnaround will provide clinically actionable results that dramatically improve patient care and reduce health care costs. For more information, please visit www.xagenic.com

Summary of OETF investment portfolio:

Name of Qualifying Investor Name of Co-Investment Opportunity (Company)
J.L. Albright Venture Fund ecobee
Tech Capital Bering Media
Celtic House Venture Partners Avvasi
XPV Capital Corporation Evandtec
Cycle Capital Management Energate
Brightspark Ventures b5media
Celtic House Morega
Business Development Bank of Canada Natrix Separations
VentureLink Funds Covarity
CTI Life Sciences Fund NeurAxon
JL Albright IV Venture Fund Shoplogix
Angel Syndicate TeloIP
Celtic House Peraso
Angel Syndicate Woodland Biofuels
GrowthWorks iStopover
GrowthWorks Verold
Growthworks Hy-Power Nano
Genesys Capital Affinium Pharmaceuticals
Propulsion Ventures GridIron Software
Tech Capital Sidense
VentureLink Innovation Fund Smart Energy Instruments
Angel Investor Interactive Sports Technologies
Royal Bank of Canada Igloo
CTI Life Sciences Fund Xagenic
Angel Syndicate Legitmix
Angel Investor StickerYou
Angel Investor Vive Crop Protection Inc.

As of May 6th, 2015, OCGC has conditionally approved $88 million towards OETF co-investment opportunities.

This section of the Ontario Capital Growth Corporation (OCGC) web site lists Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund co-investments that have been made by OCGC. The listing is intended to be a source of additional information for interested website visitors; its inclusion here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation with respect to any investment and is not a representation of suitability or endorsement or recommendation. Users should not act or rely on the information without seeking the advice of professionals. OCGC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information. Any reliance on or use of information shall be at your own risk and OCGC will have no liability to you in connection therewith.