About Us

The Ontario Capital Growth Corporation (OCGC) was established by the Ontario Capital Growth Corporation Act, 2008 and was launched on February 27, 2009. The principal business of the OCGC is to manage the limited partner interests of the Government of Ontario in the Ontario Venture Capital Fund LP (OVCF) and the Northleaf Venture Capital Fund LP (NVCF), and to manage and operate the Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund (OETF).

The $205 million Ontario Venture Capital Fund (OVCF) is a joint initiative between the Government of Ontario and leading institutional investors to invest primarily in Ontario-based and Ontario-focused venture capital and growth equity funds that support innovative, high growth companies. Ontario has committed $90 million to the Fund, with the balance coming from partner institutions. OVCF is structured as a fund of funds with the primary objective of generating attractive returns for its investors. The Fund is managed by Northleaf Capital Partners.

The Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund (OETF) was established by the Province of Ontario in 2009 as a $250 million co-investment fund to respond to the challenges in raising venture capital faced by Ontario-based companies in the clean technology, life sciences and advanced health technologies, and digital media and information and communications technology sectors.

The Northleaf Venture Catalyst Fund (NVCF) is a joint initiative between the Government of Ontario, Government of Canada, and institutional and corporate investors to invest in high-potential venture capital fund managers across Canada. NVCF is structured as a fund-of-funds which is market based and returns focused, with the aim of supporting the most promising opportunities in Canada. Based on the successful design of the Ontario Venture Capital Fund, the NVCF will make both fund and direct investments in Ontario and Canadian-based funds and companies. NVCF is managed by Northleaf Capital Partners.